Craft beer

Craft and unfiltered beer

Wide selection of bottled craft beers unpasteurized and unfiltered.


Unpasteurized and unfiltered beer, ready to be enjoyed at any time


Beers of Piccolo Birrificio di Buti, Almond ’22, Piccolo Birrificio Clandestino, Birrificio di Porcari.

Birre crude

Produced with natural ingredients, coming from the most qualified farmers


Some of the beers for sale at La Vineria del Borgo have been awarded as craft beers


The craft beers come from little italian breweries such as “Birrificio di Buti”.


La Vineria del Borgo will advise the best beer depending on your tastes.


Drink well! Buy italian craft beers, unpasteurized and unfiltered.

Genuine products

Our shop offers a wide range of genuine products from all over Italy, Toscana primarily. Along with the impressive choice of drinks, the fan of the Italian cuisine can enjoy the choice of homemade pasta by pasta makers of Tuscany, ready-made sauces for pasta dishes, balsamic vinegar, preserved vegetables, natural honey, coffee and many other products.

Trinci coffee

Trinci coffee has been recognized not only in Italy but also in other European countries and referred to in glossy magazines. Trinci coffee beens are roasted in accordance with the oldest Italian traditions which provides its strong and rich aroma. For more information on the exquisite features of Trinci Coffee click here.