La Vineria del Borgo was founded in 2004 by Simone and Emanuele Bernardini with the idea to present the best wines of Toscana territory. Wine, as well as olive oil, will always be there in Italian kitchens but people are always in search of quality and easy access. So in the heart of an ancient suburb called Bientina La Vineria del Borgo opens its doors the place where superb wines of Toscana (from Terricciola to Montecarlo, from Peccioli to Crespina) are represented.

Today La Vineria del Borgo offers the choice of 11 types of bulk wine and the great range of bottled wines. Along with wine and oil some local specialties are offered, such as Trinci, acknowledged throughout the world for high quality coffee and chocolate; F.lli Martelli, famous for for their handmade pasta; Morelli, the historic distillery.

If you’re looking for original Tuscany flavours La Vineria del Borgo offers the good choice of the best products on the market.

La Vineria del Borgo also pays special attention to empty bottles recycling and wastes reduction.


Old tuscany origins

It was in the beginning of the last century that Nonno Giulio started producing olive oil.


Ancient olive groves

The large ancient olive groves give birth to excellent olives which make the precious basis for high-quality oils.


Organic products

The company follows its oldest traditions and even today provides “green” products, free of chemicals.

I.G.T. wine bulk or bottled

Wide choice of bottled or Bag in Box I.G.T. wine.

Nonno Giulio Olive oil

Craft extra virgin olive oil born in Italian olive groves.

Organic food

Natural honey, ready-made sauces, hand-made pasta, Trinci coffee.